Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This morning I was writing to encourage a very discouraged friend. As my heart was breaking for her, the LORD reminded me of the "Anti-Doubt" journal that He led me to make. Then I realized that an "Anti-Doubt" journal would be a great New Year's Resolution for anyone in 2011. This journal can lead you from the "canyon of crazy" to the "a highway of hope."
Go to Barnes and Noble and buy yourself a NEW JOURNAL. This journal is going to be YOUR Anti-Doubt Journal. The only thing you are going to write in it are the Scriptures that God has IN THE PAST and WILL IN THE FUTURE give you to comfort you and sustain you while you live with dreams that have not come true or shattered dreams.
Here is the verse that is the basis of this journal: "You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the LROD your God gave you has failed." Joshua 23:14
As you record the particular scrptures in your Anti-Doubt Journa, the reminder will become such comfort. Remember the key to our peace and our deliverance from the "crazy canyon" is inextricably linked to God's Word."

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Anonymous said...

I love your writing and use you book on Boaz and Bozos as a good guide to understand and wait on God. I hope you will keep up with your posts. Looking forward in reading more. Thank you.